Variable Data Printing & Mass Customisation

Variable data printing enables Mass Customisation

Demand for individuality is increasingly exponentially - especially in printed products. This increasing demand can be seen in the following areas: personalized books, T-shirts, individual greeting cards, mailings and letters to business customers. Using personalised marketing materials is becoming the best way to get your message out to your customers.

Variable data printing is a type of digital printing which allows the insertion of variable print, such as text and images into a print run - also know as:
Mass Customisation
Mass customization means : printing individually, cost-effectively.
Instead of sending a generic greeting card or booklet, why not send a beautifully  designed card or booklet with specific and individual information which is relevant to the recipient of the direct mail. Guaranteed to set you apart and get more responses with this type of marketing campaign because it is more personalized to your recipient.
Imagine creating a direct mail project that gives the appearance that it was specially made and printed for a single recipient. But was in fact, sent to hundreds or even thousands of recipients.
This is what variable data and mass customisation printing is able to accomplish for your business, and here at The Printshop, we have the software and the skills to make this a reality for you or your business.

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