Meet The Team

Jaimi Addison


After taking over the shop when her father Derek retired, it didn't take long for Jaimi to make an impact.

Jaimi is Derek's least favourite child and he thought it would be fitting to pass the burden on to her. She is the legal guardian of Sprocket the rescue dog, although it's often difficult to tell who is the one in charge.

Never without a smile, Jaimi actually enjoys her work and her customers.

Sprocket the Rescue Dog

Customer Liason Manager

5 years of age. A cross of the worst sides of the Jack Russel & Lahsa Apso breeds.

Likes: Belly rubs, squeaky toys, attention (lots of it), the beach, toast (served in bed) rolling in poo and sleeping on Scott's pillow.

Dislikes: Cats, baths and his step-sister Lola.

Handles all customer complaints.

Derek Addison


The original G. Father to 4 daughters and a son.

A printer by trade, he started his career at The Standard Press, Montrose, as a youngster (around about the time the wheel was invented) before moving to Edinburgh to work at the Scotsman newspaper. He spent several years there before making the move back to Montrose to start The PrintShop.

Enjoys golf, wine and family - in that order.

Knows Ronnie Corbett's dad.

Darren Moss

Print Finishing Technician

If a job needs careful attention to detail and NASA engineering level accuracy, then he’s the man to ensure the end product looks amazing. No job is too big or too complicated for him.

Enjoys singing like no one is listening, conspiracy theories, video games and his cat.

Bob Cratchit

Bean Counter

In a highly professional manner, Sam likes to swan in, demand documents and receipts that cannot be found (or don't exist), squirrel away documents that you will undoubtedly need sooner or later and then inputs data into the account books with her quill pen.

Main responsibilities are: Dishing out the latest gossip, keeping everyone out of jail and absolving herself of any responsibilities.

Likes: Triathlon type activities, nights out in Broughty Ferry and small plastic soldiers.

Dislikes: Scott.