Printing Guidelines

Ensuring that your product is produced to the very highest quality is our ultimate aim. We want to make sure that when you receive you item/s that you are 100% satisfied.

To ensure that this is possible, there are a few guidelines, when supplying artwork that we recommend you follow :

Image Size for Photographs

If supplying an image for us to print, we can accept the following formats:

  • JPG, PNG

The image size, or resolution, is critical to ensuring that your image can be printed to the best quality possible. An image is made up of pixels or dots - for example 1920x1440. This refers to how many dots there are in the image : 1920 wide by 1440 height.

A rule of thumb is to divde those numbers by 300 to give you the number of inches that the image can be printed comfortably. This is the number that is approximately the maximum number which the human eye can see. 300 dots per inch (DPI). So for the above example :

  • 1920 = 6.5" or 160mm
  • 1440 = 4.8" or 120mm

Perfect for a 6x4" (150x100mm) print! Anything above that and the image will start to look pixelated or 'blocky'

Print Ready Artwork

If you are supplying your own artwork for products such as business cards, leaflets/flyers etc, we accept the following file formats

  • Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, PDF, EPS Vector

Please allow 3mm bleed on all sides, and supply as a CMYK PDF with all fonts outlined or embedded and with a resolution of 300dpi.

We offer a file check service, which can be selected when ordering. We will check your file to ensure that it is ready to produce the best result possible.

If you require any assistance with designing or creating your artwork, please contact us to discuss our artwork services.


When creating your artwork to be printed, ensure you set your files to by CYMK colour mode and NOT RGB.

Computer screens / artwork for websites use RGB - red, green and blue light. Printers use CMYK cyan, magenta, yellow and black for printing.

Your design document’s colour print setup needs to be CMYK right from the start. That way you will have a better idea of how your colours are going to print.

It is also best to calibrate your monitor, to ensure that the colour you see on your screen will have a closer resemblance to the finished printed image/design.

Colour Profiles

Below are a list of some of our standard output profiles for the most common papers we use on our digital printing presses. These profiles will be updated regularly, so ensure that you have the latest profile when softproofing your artwork.

  1. Colotech Uncoated 90gsm : profile
  2. Colotech Coated 120gsm : profile
  3. Colotech Coated 140gsm : profile
  4. Colotech Uncoated 220gsm : profile
  5. Colotech Coated 250gsm : profile

Artwork Templates

Below are a list of some templates which can be used for most print products we provide 

  1. A6 2 Side Portrait : Download
  2. A5 2 Side Portrait : Download